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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  December 7, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] glenn: i have told you for a while, you have to watch the other hand. these people in washington are magicians. there are no accidents with this administration. everything these people do have a purpose. i want to show you three stories are tonight. first, healthcare and the abortion debate. healthcare will pass. everybody is bickering over this bill today because of the federal tax dollars that are going to pay for abortions. how can we get this out of the bill? stop! it is a diversion. it already has you assuming that the healthcare bill is passing, and mark my words, what you're going to see in the next 30 minutes will confirm it. this bill will pass, and it will change everything. next one. watch the other hand. copenhagen, oh, is the president going to be in copenhagen, yeah, sure, the big climate change
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conference. everyone is focused on what will happen there even though participants readily admit no agreements will be reached. he doesn't have to go. cap and trade is already here. they're just -- just a little bit of news today that maybe you should be brought up to speed on the e.p.a. today has classified that, co2, as dangerous, and now we can regulate it. gee, if we only had a really spooky regulatory czar. oh, that's right. we do. and finally, the white house crashers. you know about these people that crashed the white house last week in the state party. what was the diversion there? well, who else was at the white house that they were partying with? is it possible that a convicted felon wrote the plarch plan for healthcare? oh, boy, you are not going to believe it, and you will only see it here. stay where you are.
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hello, america. boy, oh, boy. i got something that's going to blow your mind. if i asked you what color dress was that woman wearing at the white house last week, you'd know it, wouldn't you? what color would you say? right, red. everybody knows her now. everyone is focused on these two clowns, but there was somebody else that nobody noticed, not these two. oh, no. they noticed -- did anybody notice this guy? i didn't. andrew breitbart called me with this story over the weekend. this is just breaking now on and it's amazing. i said "andrew, that can't be
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true, can't be." this guy was a convicted felon, a convicted felon. robert kramer, you know, the white house had a real problem with me saying that van jones was a convicted felon. i think i said it on one episode. he wasn't. i didn't even know what the definition -- somebody goes to jail or prison is a convicted felon. no, no. i have checked six ways to sunday today. are you sure this guy was a white house had a real problem with me when i said convicted felon on van jones, so they want to make sure that van jones is understood, he is not a convicted felon. this man is. well, who is he? his name is robert kramer, and he is the husband of this woman. she is a democrat congresswoman -- oh, from illinois. you know her. there they are there. she said this -- >> with the guy from the insurance company who then argued against the public health
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insurance option saying it wouldn't let private insurance complete. their public insurance options will put the private insurance industry out of business. the man was right. the man was right. glenn: i got it. got it. see, before "oh, please, glenn, you play that stuff before, that's just a crazy congresswoman." really? well, her husband, you know, the convict, he used to be the leader of the acorn tide left wing group called citizens axle noi. isn't obama and all the friends from illinois? that's weird, isn't it? the f.b.i. began investigating him for bank fraud, and get this, income tax evasion. this is him going into the courthouse, you know. he stepped down. in 2006, he was convicted and served a year and a half in federal prison and house arrest
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r while he was in prison, he wrote a book, a nice book, this is 2006, remember, the name of the book "listen to your mother, stand up straight, how progressives can win." are you with me so far? here we have is a convicted felon married to this congresswoman, at the same party right here at the state dinner. he went to prison -- by the way this is a doctored photo. this is not an actual photo of him behind bars. ok. convicted felon at this party. i understand that's exceptionally rare for a felon to attend something at the white house. he wrote this book. now, it's interesting that in his prison manual, kramer laid out a progressive agenda for structural change. it included a ten-point man for foisting universal healthcare on you in 2009. written in 2006. remember, his wife, congresswoman, this is what she
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said -- do you remember? >> look what the private insurance will be put out of business. glenn: so here they are now last week hanging out at white house with the president. how does a convicted felon get to parties with the president, especially when he wrote a prison novel? this prison book has got to be crazy, right? well, let's look in the prison manifesto and see if any of this sounds familiar. he says, quote "we must create a national consensus that healthcare is a right, not a commodity, and that government must guarantee that right." hmm. have they accomplished this one? here is barack obama, second presidential debate last year. here it is. >> for every american --
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glenn: do we have it? ok. trust me. he said it. healthcare is not a right. it is not in the constitution. progressives like f.d.r. wanted job, a right to a house. that would, of course, fundamentally transform america. also, another fan of this, regulatory czar cass sunstein. this is the most dangerous man in america. he likes the idea of this. about a half hour. don't miss it. now, right, yep, that's what they're pushing for. next on the list, we must key ate a national consensus that the healthcare system is in crisis. do we have a crisis? watch. >> the need for reform is urgent and it is indisputable. glenn: sure. it is indisputable. how many times have you heard those words "healthcare crisis"?
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i haven't seen a crisis. 80% of the people are happy with healthcare. from his prison cell, robert kramer had more words. "our messaging program over the next two years should focus heavily on reducing the credibility of the health insurance industry and focusing on the failure of private health insurance." have they done that? >> if you're worried about rationed care, higher costs, denied coverage or bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor, then you should know that that's what's happening right now. in the past three years, over 12 million americans were discriminated against by insurance companies due to a pre-existing condition or saw their coverage denied or dropped just when they got sick and needed it most. americans whose jobs and healthcare are secure today just don't know if they will be the next to join the 14,000 who lose their health insurance every single day. >> one man from illinois lost
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his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found out he hadn't reported gallstones that he didn't know about. they delayed his treatment and he died because of it. glenn: oh, my gosh, i hate healthcare! actually, the truth is that man received healthcare, lived another three or four years. they can't find a truthful example of healthcare sob stories so they have to make them up. why would they worry about the truth when the entire game plan on healthcare was designed by a convicted felon while written in prison? by the way, a better way to report what the president just said that 14,000 people lose their health insurance every day would be this -- if you average all the numbers out over the last ten months, about 14,000 people lose their jobs every single day, thus they lose their healthcare insurance. maybe the president should worry about jobs, no, but that's not part of the prison plan. what else is? well, deals. we need to systematically forge
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relationships with large sectors of the business employer community, and they have. the administration has teamed up with big pharmaceuticals to sell this debacle. that's not the only one they teamed up with. john mccain just spoke out about this over the weekend. >> i don't know what deal has been cut in senator reid's office as the deal was cut with the pharmaceutical companies and the deal was cut with the a.m.a. and the deal was cut with the hospital association. i don't know what the deal was with pharma. they told them they would oppose drug reimportation from canada and told them, the pharma, that they would not allow competition for medicare patients, so i don't know what the deal was cut that bought them but i know deals are going on and i know they're unsavory. >> aarp is in on those details. throughout this entire game plan, there's no concern for actual facts. it's just about getting a!8buaç
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regard for what is actually happening. oh, it's spooky stuff, because it transforms america into a progressive dream. the next goal, we need to convince political leaders that they owe their elections at least in part to the ground swell of support of unions versal healthcare and that they face political peril if they fail to deliver universal healthcare in 2009. this is why they are doctors crediting the tea parties. they have to say that is nothing, they are nobody. they need to do this. now have they done this? >> we're trying to use the power of persuasion. if that doesn't work, we're going to use the persuasion of power. glenn: never mind the fact that the groundswell of support amounts to 35% for this plan, the same as hillary care in the '90's. nobody wants this thing, and yet they're still going. they're not afraid of you. they're afraid of that guy. the pressure that has been brought to bear on politicians has been unbelievable. pelosi, reid, obama have
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threatened and arm twisted their way through everyone in washington. the president has met with blue dog democrats to let them know their political futures are on the line and buying people off in their own party like mary landrieu, $300 million deal for louisiana. have they done that? you bet. next, we do not need to agree on the advanced components of a plan, but we must foster a process that can ultimately yield a consensus. have they done that? oh, you bet. >> 2,000 pages. you see it happening today with the abortion diversion. they don't agree on the components of the plan. most people don't know the components of the plan in congress. they just have to get it out an tweak it, whatever it is, later. for the next two years we must provide a massive program, unions organizing for america,
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acorn, and aarp has jumped onboard. watch this ad field program. the health insurance industry makes $25 billion in profits, no wonder they want to stop the senate from debating health insurance reform. it is about taking on health insurance care companies. no more denied care an coverage. business groups are trying to block progress on healthcare reform. glenn: seiu, meanwhile, has been delivering beatdowns for healthcare, the political equivalent delivered to walmart and the latest is comcast. we're up to eight, and all of these have been done so far. church and unions "we must focus especially on mobilization of the labor movement and the faith community." again, andy stern's seiu,
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mobilize the arm twisting effort and convince rabbi byes and pass stores to preach the from the pulpit. in the last six months have you heard this come from your pastor, priest or be a by? anything about social justice? anything about healthcare? if so, number eight has been achieved in your church. i have been sent so many tips on this one. i have been looking at church websites. i cannot believe what i am seeing. several of these websites you can go three clicks from your church website and you are at hcan. here is the next goal. we must systematically leverage the connections and the resources of the massive array of institutions an organizations of all types. ? one of the tragedies of the civil rights movement is because the civil rights movement became
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so focused and i think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change. glenn: the actual coalitions of power. hello!and we're counting them d, all the way down to number ten, to be successful, we must put in place commit manies for hundreds of millions of dollars to finance made communications an mobilization once the battle is joined. money, money, money. the amount of money and number of organizations is stunning. tides foundation. seiu spend $60 million to elect obama. hcan has donated $25 million in the last year to help pass obama's healthcare, but they need that money to combat the will of the vast majority of the american people. kramer and his prison plan writes "to win, we must not just
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generate understanding, but emotion, fear, revulsion, anger and disgust." have they done that? >> if that same diabetic ends up getting their foot amputated, that is $40,00 mead wrathily the surgeon is reimbursed. you know what, i will make more money if i take this kid's tonsils out. >> they are organizing angry mobs just like during the election. glenn: wow, angry mobz. fear, disgust? obama and pelosi have dealt with the politics of fear since the inauguration while accusing the right of doing that. the obama administration is trying to stir up emotion and fear to peddle this takeover for the progressive plan, developed in prison. in the process, they have seemingly followed his plan from a convicted felon, followed it to the letter, all of them. all of them have been done. that's god to be a a
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coincidence. steve wynn, you watching from vegas? can you compete the odds of this? what a coincidence, huh? another pure coincidence in the acknowledgements at the beginning, here. he actually says, by the way, saul alinsky, you're an inspiration. another pure coincidence that camer predicted all of this would happen in 2009 after a progressive president was elected and went right to work after he got out of work for the obama campaign, trained volunteers at camp obama. what an amazing coincidence that he was at the white house with these guys at the first state dinner. wow. i'm pretty sure convicted felons are usually barred from such events. at least somebody would raise a flag there. nobody noticed, nobody noticed because somebody else snuck into the party. yeah, pure coincidence, i'm sure, but instead of speculating, you know what we could do? if i just had a way to
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communicate with the white house, wouldn't it be easy? i mean, what an easy way to shut all of this down. the white house has the phone. they could just call me. still working. they got the phone number. i know they're watching today. just call. you know what they should do? this is probably what they will do. they will just attack me. they will smear me, whatever. whatever. just answer the question. phones working. call the red phone, white house. why wouldn't you do this? could it be that you -- they're not difficult to answer these questions. is it that it's true? did you know this man was a criminal while he trained volunteers at camp obama? this, by the way would be the time that you is hired. did you know that? did you know about this book, or is it just an amazing coincidence that you're following the prison plan to the letter?
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is it just a coincidence that this guy shows up at a state dinner? you know, i'm pretty confident that the secret service knows this man's criminal background. the question is why and who let him in? you see, i don't believe in coincidence. i don't think there is anything but but even if you do, is there any point to where the coincidence is just too much? it just doesn't fly anymore? i didn't know that my preacher was a marxist. sure i sat in the pew for 20 years but i had no idea. i didn't know my green jobs czar defended cop killers and called himself a communist. i had no idea my science czar wanted to force abortions, and communications director loved chairman mao and i had no idea this reality star wannabe crashing the state dinner? what? i didn't know a convicted felon, progressive activist that wrote a book that is exactly the plan that i'm doing and he wrote it in prison, i didn't know he was
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also at that dinner. wow! do you care to correct me? would you like to? you can't. no jury in america would believe you. none. but as they say. on television, but wait, there's more! next. 
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glenn: i have been telling you for a while that you have to watch the other hand of these people in washington. thank goodness andrew breitbart and are always watching. andrew called me yesterday and alerted me. it broke at five after the hour, we started reporting it. start your watches.
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see when the mainstream media actually covers this story. the rest of the world paying attention to the dinner crashers, the woman in the red dress. the journalists didn't feel it necessary to comb through the rest of the guest list. if they did, perhaps they would have noticed the convicted felon who was on the list and i just told you about that felon, robert kramer. i showed you his beliefs. he is a disciple of the radical saul al-ski and that's him saying here in his book -- he is a disciple of the add cal saul alinsky and that's what he wrote in the forward of his book. now, some will say, well, that's just a coincidence. like i said, really? let's do a journalist job for them and report on kramer's history. let's start with the convicted felon part. first of all, he was a lobbyist
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for illinois public action forum, like acorn, and later indicted in federal court on 16 counts of bank fraud in excess of $2 million. it is like acorn, isn't it? he pleaded guilty of one count of failure to collect quight holding tax and writing checks with insufficient funds. in 2006 he was sentenced and served a year and a half in federal prison and house arrest r got it? yet another progressive who dedicates his life to forcing higher taxes on the people and avoids paying them. of course he's at the white house! and then a guy with such morals and values that he has no problem completely ripping off the non-profit entity that he's working for. after jail, he went right back to work for the progressive cause, working for the little people, i.e., the people he was stealing from. was he shunned by his peers? no! quite the opposite. his consulting firm, strategic consulting group, is on the rise and boasted an impressive roster
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of clients, oh, you may have the afl-cio, united steelworkers union of america, acorn, and say it with me, seiu. isn't it weird? i mean these were all the people trying to create jobs last week at the jobs summit. the book this guy wrote while on, as he calls it, forced sabbatical. i call it prison, he says you know, he writes this and hasn't been mocked by other progressives. no, no, it's been endorsed. let me give you glowing reviews, first of all from andy stern, seiu. he says hopefully it will inspire more people to act, or write in prison, maybe, and then john podesta, yes, the guy that
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van jones now works for john podesta, and he says it is a straight up shot in the arm for progressives and then the founder of and they say it is an inspirational and serious tool for the progressive agenda. arianna huffington says it will help return america to its progressive roots. the member of the congressional black caucus or progressive cog cuss, congressman john lewis, he says the book will help create our society's next historical movement. then there is a member of the u.s. subcommittee on health, and he says "this book is a blueprint for victory." uh-huh. and last but not least, our very good friend on this program and long-time friend and top obama advisor, david axelrod. it's weird because he says almost the same thing the congressman just said. he says the book is "a blueprint for future victory."
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see david axelrod. the prison plan is a blueprint? the one that seems to be using using -- the one that has all of of -- all of the things that the white house has been doing to scare people into healthcare? still believe in coincidences? yeah. yeah. didn't think so. next, the danger of this -- next.
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>> sin synchronized bombings in two pakistani cities went off today, one killing ten outside a courthouse in peshwar. an attack outside a danish newspaper has a man in custody that also is charged in the dubai attacks, and today, the u.s. environmental protection agency declared greenhouse gases a threat to public health and the environment as the world's largest summit on climate change got underway in denmark. bret baier now previews "special report." >> coming up, we will show you what that e.p.a. finding means for you, and brit hume is here with analysis. plus on healthcare reform, the senate majority leader levels an
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explosive charge against republicans. join me at the top of the hour for "special report." glenn: well, today the two-week international climate change summit in copenhagen opened with a goal of curbing the amount of carbon dioxide that the biggest nations in the world produce. it hasn't really seemed to bother the climate scientists that the summit will produce that the summit will produce 40,000 tons6nú+rhyx)ddu@dhdv/ [g"vn3f to "the new york post". dioxide produced by 30 small nations in a year, so they can gather and talk. brittish news or thes that at least 140 private planes and more than 1,000 limb limos
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making their own carbon month. i'm not sure but i don't think that is eco-friendly. perhaps they should use the internet, you know, that thing that al gore invented or conference calls. oh, no. the white house doesn't seem to know how to use the phone. i want to play some video for you. if you have children in the room, i suggest you have them leave at this point. i'll pause it and start it when they're gone. i want to show you a video the left is running. you tell me, does this look like a scare tactic? >>
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this is despicable and obviously designed to stop you and your children into stopping air travel. maybe it's just me and i live in new york and the new york area. things falling on to the streets, passing buildings is not cool. not cool. the average european flight produces 400 kilograms or 880 pounds of greenhouse gas. that's what this is all about, stop flying. that's the average weight of a polar bear, so do polar bears die from these gases? is that the conclusion that we're supposed to draw here?÷gñ? i mean, it's interesting that in an age of air travel and in an age where the airplane has
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transformed everything, and air travel has had an explosion so has the polar bear population. in 1970, there were 383 millionnaire line passengers n2008, over 2 billion passengers. the number of flights have increased fivefold in this time. the polar bear population has reportedly increased five times n1970, there were 5,000 polar bears, today, 25,000. according to the snow and ice data center a ghich in the satellite centers caused scientists to underestimate the extent of the arctic sea ice by 5,000 square kilometres, an area the size of california. remember these ad? oh, he has no more ice! it was a satellite glitch, meaning the sea ice level at the end of last year, the same as it
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was in 1979 when satellite monitoring began. yes, it appears that all their homeland, their hunting ground, the largest of any animal on earth is all still there, but the hysterical climate change zealots want to stop air travel. let's think this one through, shall we? without air travel, business would grind to a halt. forget about overnight delivery these knuckleheads a lot longer to get to copenhagen to develop ways to ruin life as we know it. the alarmists can't have you think about the things they are telling you. they can't have you going outside or looking out your snowfall in texas history last friday. tonight they're expecting the first snowfall since 1976 in sacremento, california. al gore was just interviewed in "outside" magazine and asked how do you talk to these climate
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change naysayers? he said, the answer is he doesn't. no. here is the exact quote. "the denial movement is in its sunset phase." really? as nasa and scientists are being shown to have faked, deleted, manipulated facts to make their case? that's the movement in the sunset phase? he continued "and they're putting on a spectacular display just before they fade. " the scientific evidence is so overwhelming now, and people are seeing the changes all around them." yes, they are, like snow in houston. he had more. "older people telling their grandchildren these patterns different. farmers are no longer able to predict the arrival of rainfall." really? none of their fabulous computer models, not one predicted the current ten-year cooling trend we're in now? and the farmers in the 1930's, i'm pretty sure they couldn't
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predict the rainfall during the dust bowl, but i digress. al added "people who look for birds are finding dramatic shifts in their range." they must not watch glenn beck." i'm not sure how to take that last comment from the mighty gore. he is saying that they must not watch me because if they did, he could tell the farmers and birdwatchers why these things are happening, or is it that he is just so fragile in his beliefs that he is telling people not to watch my show because his argument falls apart as soon as people see hear any fact in this debate rather than the lies, distortion and destruction of the truth? since he told us time and time again the debate is over, i tend to think it is the latter, especially in the light of the diane sawyer interview about a month ago. do we have it? remember? she was like, hey, glenn beck said you shouldn't eat meat. he was like, oh, ah, oh, ah,
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even a little uncomfortable. al, i don't think the sun is setting on the global warming people. i mean, you're the one putting on the spectacular display just before you fade. it doesn't get more spectacular than raining polar bears. again, disturbing video. yeah. the evidence now coming out against this doesn't make global warming arguments fade. this argument will have the same demise as these polar bears. it is going to come cashing down to earth quickly. by the way, the average weight of a polar bear is about the same as 37 fake global warming scientists spewing climate change lies. how about i produce an ad that shows those guys falling out of the sky?
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hey, if i did, do you think the mainstream media might then start reporting, you know, lies and scare tactics?ó/be/a >> still don't know what do get your boring co-worker for christmas? get arguing with idiots. then the next time you get stuck in the elevator together he will have something interesting to say. available at glenn
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glenn: i have tried to warn you about this administration. back in september, i said this about cass sunstein. he's really dangerous because nobody sees him coming. nobody sees what the power that this man has, and while he's not a radical, his views are radical. i have called him the most dangerous man in washington because nobody sees him coming. back in june i warned you and warned congress about this. i think congress is overplaying their hand and more importantly they are being outplayed and outmaneuvered. i think they making themselves irrelevant to a massive new federal framework that obama seems to be erecting with all kinds of czars and everything else. they will find themselves out in the parking lot asking how did this happen? watch as these two things that i warn you about come together now.
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they are connected. today, diplomats from all over the world kicking off the 2-week climate change conference in copenhagen. everyone says nothing will happen there. really? well, here back at home they're not worried about it. the environmental protection agency and the obama administration have moved now towards regulating greenhouse gases without that pesky irrelevant congress getting in the way. the e.p.a. just ruled that carbon dioxide -- let me explain what carbon dioxide is. that's air. that's carbon dioxide, along with five other carbon dioxide gases endanger humans and have to be regulated. this was the next step after the supreme court in 2007 ruled saying carbon die dioxide and other gases mutants under the green air act. the e.p.a. had to determine whether or not the gases were harmful to humans. well, lo and behold, they just did. now, if we could just find
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something that would help. we have the regulatory czar. isn't that great? cass sunstein can regulate companies that emit these gases. the biggest companies that emit these gases are coal powered factory plants, car factories are, and so the jobs czar has made a move to stifle companies that will create job creation. is that possible? irrelevant congress. cass sunstein. see, he's the guy that wrote the book "nudge." this is more of a push towards something really, really bad that is coming our way, and you'll beg for it by the time it comes. it is called cap and trade. next. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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glenn: carbon dioxide is bad, the e.p.a. e.p.a. decided today, we have to regulate it. it is a job killer. we have an economist from the heritage foundation. david, first of all, biggest co2 emitter that will be affected by this will be coal plants, right? >> correct. glenn: how much energy do we get from coal plants? >> we get half of our electricity from coal. glenn: if i may quote the president, our electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket. >> i think that's a good quote. he was accurate. glenn: let me show the american people this. loss of g.d.p. due to regulation of co2. you see there is 2010 there. we lose about 100 million to g.d.b. >> $100 billion. glenn: billion? >> billion, yes, yes.
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glenn: then down here at the bottom, about 610 billion by 2029? >> yes. glenn: i have been looking at the deficit. i don't know how we do that to ourselves and then they show potential job loss under the clean air, is it only 200,000 jobs in 2010? >> it is probably going to be worse than that. when they first came out with their proposal to regulate under the clean air act and the targets they were looking for were milder than the targets now. losses. losses. they are all in the negatives. the bottom lines here are 80 a,000. >> yes. >> there is no way to survive here. am i wrong in thinking this is the united states government nudging us into cap and trade
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to regulate this. you really want cap and trade. i mean, we have nowhere to go, right? >> yes. it is a disingenuous nudge. you nudging with a bulldozer, by the way, but the e.p.a. -- there is a clean air act, a law written by congress f congress doesn't want carbon dioxide to be regulated under the clean air act, a one-sentence bill will fix that. this is political theater. they're trying to pretend like there is a gun. they are holding the gun against their own head. glenn: david, we have cass sunstein who i think is extraordinarily dangerous. you don't have to pass anything. he is doing it now. >> right. glenn: he has control of all the regulations, and he is an extremist. if you eade his writings, the man is an extremist. he talks about redistribution of wealth, et cetera. >> uh-huh. glenn: in your wildest dreams, why would you do this? is there any way for the country to survive this move
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today if they enact it? >> it is not going to be good. we're clever people. we will survive something, but it will have all costs, very little benefits, intrusive government regulation. the e.p.a. laid their cards out a year and a half ago with a document about this fix showing all the things they are going to regulate if given the authority, if we have the endangerment finding that they released today. they're going to regulate the efficiency of a plant. they have been doing that, increase the mpg requirements for cars but it goes beyond that. they will regulate the design of aircraft for fuel mileage, not for safety. they will regulate the paint that they put on tankers, how fast cars can go, how fast trains can go. there were 600 and some pages of ideas of how they're going to intrude in your life. glenn: well, that shouldn't hurt boeing at all. it shouldn't hurt any industry in america and make us less competitive and just shift our wealth over to another country r
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i mean, look, you know, i know you say we will survive this, but the load that these people are putting on this table, this economy has taken blow after blow after blow from just regular things from sheer stupidity from a lot of people from out and out corruption and game playing like this is. how many more blows can this economy take? >> i wonder. it is like they have the intent to destroy all the sectors of the economy in one year. there is healthcare, financial regulation, energy, which is just about everything, you know. they want more government. the thing that is causing the problems -- higher costs, lower income is what we'll get. glenn: thank you, david. i appreciate t america, come up with an exit strategy for when all these things hit and your life stinks on ice, how do these people think they will stay in office? you're against it now. how do they stay in office?
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you might want to noodle that one. if you have an answer, come back to me.
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glenn: thank you everybody who came out to "a christmas sweater" an incredible night. the response has been overwhelming. we will give you another chance to check it out, the big screen is this thursday, december 10. you can see the life changing impact the message had on people across the country r it is an


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